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Are You Called to Dance Before the Lord?
Do You Want To Be Part Of A Great Restoration Of Christian Dance In His Beloved Church? YES? Then Read On, Because You Are Not Alone!​​​​​​​


From the desk and the heart of,

Larna Jane Martin

I believe that our primary calling is to worship the Living God!

That is why this book was written. My heart has always reached out for more of Him to be expressed through what I do, and I want to share that journey with you. As you know, the treasures of God’s anointing don’t always come easily. They cannot be earned, but God prepares the heart through the many things we go through as we walk with Him through life and ministry.

I want to invite you to to download this short book for free, because I believe that the anointed message that it carries has the power to encourage countless hearts and to change lives!

​​​​​​​In Christ Jesus,

Larna Jane Martin

“God is raising up a “dancing generation”. A called out company of believers who want to worship God with their entire being – spirit, soul and body! I believe that you and I are part of that generation.”

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What you will find in this free book...

  • 7 Steps Into God's Intimate Presence.
  • What it means to dance from your spirit in heartfelt worship.
  • Releasing the anointing through movement.
  • The power of private praise to attract God's presence.

"First you must minister unto the Lord, for that is our primary calling. That is where we are transformed into His image. That is where we find healing, fulfilment and so much more. God eagerly desires for us to come into His presence. He is waiting for us!"

Larna Jane Martin, Dancing God's way (page 4)
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You will also receive a very special 5 day email course crafted especially for Christian worshippers and dancers. These short inspiring lessons share life-changing truths from God's Word that will fill your heart with fresh faith!

This series of lessons is available only to Dancing God's Way subscribers. :)

A FREE Book to Encourage Your Heart in God!


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